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Church Hymn`s Suggestions

A bit of hearty singing can make your wedding ceremony extra memorable sweet and lush and romantic as well for all involved and that’s when familiar hymns come into their own. Here’s our guide to well-known wedding hymn choices that make for a great sing‐a‐long.

But if your looking for a hymn that is not mostly used as thy are so old and looking for something sweet and romantic there is guide and list for that.

With almost any style of wedding ceremony, this is when the familiar hymns you sang throughout your childhood can come into their own way whether you do remember them from school, church or singing along to Songs of Praise on TV on BBC 1 on Sunday`s or on radio 2 on the Sunday haft hour show.

You can be sure you and your wedding guests can raise the roof in a big way with favourite hymns, as they are likely to know the words and music, which is much better than listening to awkward mumblings as your guests grapple with a song they’ve got no clue how to sing.

If the last time you sang a hymn was in a school assembly and you’ve gone a bit vague on your favourites since, take a look at the list below to refresh your memory`s and help you choose the perfect sweet crowd-pleaser that will also mean something special to you and your heart:

But their are some new hymn`s out their and some very very old one that are not used much no more that can still be used at your wedding in church if your looking for something quirky and new or old that will make your wedding hymn sing more quirky and fun at the sometime more you like I said their is list of familiar hymns and not familiar hymns so the very best of luck !!. 

.....familiar hymns.....


. All things bright and beautiful

• Amazing Grace

• Be our chief guest, Lord

• Bind us together

• Dear Lord and Father of Mankind

• Guide me, o thou great Redeemer

• Immortal, invisible

• I vow to thee my country

• I watch the sunrise

• Jerusalem

. Shine Jesus Shine 

• Jesus, stand among us

• Lead us heavenly father lead us

• Lord of all hopefulness

• Lord of the dance

• Love divine, all loves excelling

• Morning has broken

• O Jesus I Have Promised

• O Perfect Love

• Make me a channel of your peace

• One More Step Along The World I Go

• Praise my soul the King of Heaven

•  The King of Love my Shepherd is

....Not familiar hymn`s.....

. O bread of heaven

. Nearer, My God, To Thee

. Circle us, Lord

. You are the God

. Black And White.

.  I call it "Gates First

.  Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

. The Battle Belongs To The Lord-A Cappella

. Trust And Obey

.  As The Deer

.' Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

.  His Glory Appears

.  I Will Meet You in the Morning

. The Army Of Our Lord-Acapella

.  I Want To Be Ready To Meet Him

. That brightens up the sky 

 .  Rock of Age

.  Forth in thy Name, O Lord, I go: Portsmouth 

.  Sun Is On The Land And Sea

. Winged herald of the day


 Oh God Our Help in Ages Past 


Christ is made the sure foundation


Love Divine, All Loves Excelling


Shine Jesus Shine


Dear Lord and Father of Mankind