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My name is Martin Green I set up this site in 2012 as a wedding site to help you on how to choose and how to make for your Big Day to help you on saving time and money and I set up this site as well  Twitter to help you gay`s and straights people on your Big Day but this is mostly for gay`s.          
  Because when it came legal in 2013 for gay marriage I looked out there to see what help their was for gay`s on their Big Day but their was not much help out their so it made me feel it`s NOT right at all we gay`s are not having the help we need.
Plus it made me feel like it not right we gay`s are not having the help we need as well you straights are getting on your Big Day but the things I do is things that no one would ever think of that is important !. To a wedding intil you see the bigger picture and I try to help you to saving a lots of money 
also I show you how  things go together and what the meaning of things you going to have and the purpose of things and why it`s important ! for your Big Day. This site is only for people that do NOT take the intention of marriage as a joke so getting married is a big thing as it `s NOT to be taking likely! as your getting married in LAW !! AND  for LOVE.